Before you drive abroad, it's essential that you're familiar with the rules of the road and different signs you'll encounter. The 'Priorité à Droite' rule is an important one to remember...

The Priority to the Right Rule (Priorité à Droite) can be confusing and has caught out many drivers. Although a rather archaic rule, it is standard throughout France and the same signs are increasingly being seen in other countries.

When driving through (but not restricted to) towns and villages, the priority to the right rule applies, unless you see signs indicating otherwise. The rule means you must give way to traffic joining your road from the right. This applies even though you may be on the main thoroughfare.

When Priorité à Droite applies, you must be prepared to give way to vehicles joining your road from the right. Slow down and check carefully before proceeding, as some drivers will just come straight out, at speed, without even looking!

So, how do you know who has right of way? Check the signs...

You have priority, but only at the next junction or crossroads. Once you've passed the next junction, Priorité à Droite applies again.

A yellow diamond, with a white border means you have priority until cancelled by the same sign with a black stripe.

What about this one...? Yes, it tells you the name of the town & road number (above). But... a town sign with a red border also means 50kph speed limit, no overtaking and Priorité à Droite all apply! It's cancelled with a black stripe.

Priorité à Droite applies, but only for the next junction.

Give Way - Nice & simple! Can be seen at any junction and usually at roundabouts

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